IT Management and Support

We will aid you in unburdening all of your IT-management and support concerns

For us, automation is not only a profession but a discipline. We understand that IT is an integral part of your organisation, providing the foundation for a successful and stable business. MCCS is an all-round IT service provider that implements tested techniques, knowledge and tools to deliver the best possible results. We specialise in providing educated and clear advice and swift and efficient delivery as well as high quality implementation, maintenance and management of reliable and polished IT infrastructures, thus enabling you and your organisation to be protected against malfunctions and IT issues in addition to allowing us to provide you with maximum availability and assistance.

Realistic cost reduction

Flexible access to specialist information

Implementation of the newest trends

Increased workplace productivity

Optimal management and personal assistance

Onze gecertificeerde professionals beheren uw volledige infrastructuur samen met alle gerelateerde componenten; datacenters, netwerken, servers, werkplekken en software. Kwalitatief hoogwaardige kantoorautomatisering staat bij ons centraal, uw ICT is van A t/m Z zonder zorgen aan ons uitbesteed.

Service, hardware, software, contract management, sales and rental.

Due to our years of experience in providing top-tier services in both hard- and software, we are able to provide IT products at a reasonable and competitive price. We filter these benefits directly to our customers in order to offer the most equitable prices available, in addition to this we can also provide management of IT related contracts not affiliated with our company.

Clear agreements, rules and prices.

We offer fully customisable services and will keep you in connection with our management and support who are open to questions and queries. We strive to meet your IT desires and provide you with open lines of communication in order to achieve and understand your preferences. A service contract is not required for us to begin working with you, although in a long term business relationship establishing our agreements and your expectations in a physical format would be beneficial. For each system you will have full choice over which specific forms of management, support and SLA you require in each system and component and how they are implemented; these features are open to full customisation and can be altered every month if you choose to do so, as well as being terminable.

We work using a 1-minute principle which allows all hours to be fairly calculated and recorded in the form of an invoice or to alternatively be presented clearly through a service contract; enabling both parties to maintain a clear view of what activities have been completed and the direct fees in relation to them.

Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS) is a division of MCCS