General Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of ICT~Office apply to all of our offers, supplies, services and agreements, These Terms and Conditions are filed with the Chamber of Commerce for the Central Netherlands under number 30174840 and can be downloaded below.

General Terms and Conditions Modules 00 to 16

Module 00 : Terms and conditions

Module 01: Software licenses

Module 02: Development of software

Module 03: Maintenance of software

Module 04: Application service provision, software as a service and computer service

Module 05: Development and maintenance of a website

Module 06: Webhosting

Module 07: Secondment services

Module 08: Courses and training programmes

Module 09: Advice, consultancy and project management

Module 10: Other services

Module 11: Sale of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment and other items

Module 12: Renting out ICT, telecommunication and office equipment

Module 13: Maintenance of ICT, telecommunication and office equipment

Module 14: Internet access

Module 15: Telecommunication services

Module 16: Financing and leasing of ICT

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