Open-E JovianDSS

Software defined storage

Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS and Linux based Data Storage Software designed for business Software Defined Storage environments. With its unique characteristics, the product assures you the best data reliability and integrity with optimum data storage, security and recovery. The software is designed for small to large companies, data centers and cloud providers looking for a universal NAS and SAN solution with Off-site data protection, consistent snapshots, Thin Provisioning, compression and deduplication

  • Wizards

    The wizards guide you through all important setups in the software so you can easily configure Open-E JovianDSS according to your storage needs.

  • High Availbility

    Use the Open-E JovianDSS High Availability Cluster Feature Pack to set up a NFS or iSCSI shared cluster for highest data security.

  • System Settings

    In the system settings section you are able to configure all details that don’t involve your HDDs, i.e. Network and Administration.

  • Diagnostics

    The diagnostics section grants a quick and detailed overview of your system performance and health status.

  • Storage

    The Open-E JovianDSS storage section provides an overview of your Zpools and allows to conveniently manage your HDDs and SSDs.

    Suitable for all storage devices with high availability

    Open-E JovianDSS uses shared storage to develop highly available storage environments. It contains failover functionality for SMB, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and is used to set up HA Load-Balanced Storage Clusters that guarantee reliability and redundancy by eliminating single points of failure. A set of disks is shared between two "compute nodes" that double the performance and processing capacity of the data. Open-E JovianDSS is the answer to almost any storage requirement, for SAN and NAS installations, enterprise, virtualization solutions or Big Data cluster environments.

    Advanced Metro HA Cluster

    By using Open-E JovianDSS Advanced Metro High Availability Cluster Feature pack, you can have High Availability for two server nodes over Ethernet by using a storage system at any location (Dual Storage). Because the connection of the cluster communication and data mirroring between the nodes work through Ethernet, the nodes can be far apart as a metro storage cluster. It can be 80 km in the case of a point-to-point fiber optic connection, or even more if an extra switch is used between the nodes - provided that the network waiting time does not exceed 5 ms. The feature pack also supports configurations of the Open-E JovianDSS standard HA Cluster Feature Pack.

    Reliability and redundancy
    Atomic Transaction Writes, Data and Metadata Checksumming, Self-Healing, N-Mirrors, up to Triple-Parity, optionally Irrigated Boot Medium

    Data Protection
    Off-site Data Protection, offers an integrated backup of everything and instant Disaster Recovery, as well as multiple backup destinations with user-defined interval retention plans.

    Data Optimization
    Highly efficient standard LZ4 compression and optional in-line deduplication.

    High Availability
    Active-Active or Active-Passive dual node HA Cluster for iSCSI, NFS, SMB, user authentication support in cooperation with the Active Directory.

    Data Acceleration
    Dynamic caching between RAM, SSD, and HDD, with the most recent and frequent cache algorithms with random sequential conversion when writing Data Virtualization, Default Thin and Over Provisioning with a merged storage model, unlimited and direct Snapshots and clones.

    Up to about 5PB in a single namespace with the ZFS technology on Linux OS.

    United storage model
    iSCSI, NFS, SMB / CIFS, OpenStack Cinde

    Fast and simple storage management
    User-friendly WebGUI with intuitive navigation, Console UI and scriptable CLI / API and REST API

    Handy monitoring
    The Open-E JovianDSS monitoring system (on WebGUI, SNMP), as well as monitoring with industry standard platforms such as Nagios or Check_MK with flexible technical support options. Including technical support by Open-E Partners or directly by the Open-E support team itself.

    Robust storage environments and compatibility
    Open-E JovianDSS certified servers - tested, benchmarked and certified in our labs.

    Native backup strategy, Open-E JovianDSS on-site and off-site protection

    Open-E JovianDSS combines multiple technologies to create on-site and off-site data protection. A strategy for backup and disaster recovery with which crucial business data can be directly restored in the event of an unexpected emergency. The software enables consistent snapshots for virtual machines and asynchronous replication to local or remote destinations. The rotation snapshots are stored according to a retention-interval plan for flexible backups that can be adapted to specific user needs. Moreover, Open-E JovianDSS with On- and Off-site Data Protection does not need a backup agent.

    Professional Open-E Partner Network and support

    The software, as well as all related licenses and support products, are available through the experienced Open-E Partners, as well as the Open-E Online Store. Users are supported by trained Open-E JovianDSS Certified Engineers to offer customers not only superior performance and usability through the product, but also professional support from the best specialists.

    Storage and backup for virtual environments

    In combination with VMware, vSphere and ESXi, Open-E JovianDSS is a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for virtualization that offers the highest presentations and data efficiency. In a virtual environment, Open-E JovianDSS offers the storage device a physical data storage server or Storage Virtual Appliance, accessible via the iSCI or NFS protocol. In addition, the storage has a built-in native backup and recovery functionality. Compatibility is confirmed by the “VMware Ready for Storage” certification including the ESXi 6.5, 6.0 U3, 6.0 U2 and 6.0 U1, 5.5 products. The software also includes built-in VMware Tools, including VMware storage and network drivers.

    About Open-E

    Open-E focuses on the development of IP-based data storage software that is used to build and manage centralized storage servers. The renowned Open-E JovianDSS is a ZFS-based data storage software specially developed for enterprise-sized Software Defined Storage environments. The software is valued for the highest performance, flexibility, reliability, integrity and return on investment. To achieve optimal data storage, protection and recovery and to meet the needs of business users looking for a unified NAS or SAN, JovianDSS supports iSCSI, SMB / CIFS and NFS protocols and is packed with advanced business functions such as Off -site Data protection, thin provisioning, compression and de-duplication.

    Hyper-convergence storage environments

    Hyper-convergence is a software-defined way of storage management in which storage, network, compute and virtualization technologies are combined in just one physical unit. Hyper-converged environments with Open-E JovianDSS, used as a Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA), which offer administrators an integrated solution, including a cluster with one or more connected JBODs. This ensures high performance, high availability and reliability for Enterprise setups, because the HA cluster environment balances the load and ensures uninterrupted service with failover in the event that one node fails. Due to only one required set of hardware per location, such a solution is cost effective and can be flexibly scaled as the requirements increase or decrease.

    Open-E JovianDSS specifications

    • Operating System
    • File system
    • Architecture
    • Minimum hardware requirements
      8 CPU cores 64GB RAM HBA SAS / FC
    • Connections and storage protocols

      Up to 40GbE 40Gbps IP over InfiniBand iSCSI NFS v3 SMB up to 3.0.2 / CIFS

    • Data integrity and availability

      ZFS 256-bit block level checksums Mirror (eg RAID 10), RAID-Z1, -Z2, (comparison RAID 5, 6), -Z3 Off-site Data Protection (ODP) Active-Active or Active-Passive dual node HA cluster for iSCSI, NFS and SMB Self-healing against unexpected data corruption.

    • Data Optimization

      We use Tiered Caching RAM, SSD and HDD hybrid pool, Unlimited Snapshots, Unlimited Clones (writable Snapshots), Thin Provisioning, About Provisioning, Inline Data Deduplication, and Inline Compression to optimize your data.

    • Manage

      WebGUI, Console UI, CLI SNMP and REST API E-mail notification Roll-back to previous configuration

    • Supported configurations

      Single node HA Cluster for NFS, iSCSI and SMB / CIFS Off-site backup unit

    • Supported environments

      VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Linux, RHEL, MacOS, XEN, OpenStack

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