The Team

Meet the team that will take care and attention to manage your IT.

MCCS is an all-round IT service provider specialized in the advice, delivery, implementation, maintenance and management of high-quality and reliable IT infrastructures. We will give the highest care and attention for your IT concerns. We do this in all kinds of markets; smaller businesses, large business and even enterprise. Profit from our knowledge and experience, from the beginning to the end we are happy to assist you for your needs. Our challenge is to match your needs and make your workplace more productive.


These are the employees from Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS) and we are the system engineers that will manage your IT and project with passion.

Jan Dijk

Owner & Systems Architect

Geert Brüggeman

System Engineer & Team Lead

Sandra van Vulpen

Office Manager & Finance

Inge Janssen

Finance  & Sales

Jard Klitsie


Jesse Rudelsheim

Marketing & Sales Employee

IT Partners for Teamwork

We are a big fan of teamwork and we work together with the most specialized professionals in the field. During our years of experience we have build a network full of enthusiastic and driven talents with specialist knowledge and years of experience. We work together with these partners to finish your IT project with success.

Ron Meulensteen

Developer | Code Monkey


Developer | Code Master

Hoa Ran Liang

Graphics & Design | UI Specialist

Jasper Kos

Developer | Frontend Master

Roald Selissen

Developer | Code Specialist


Project Manager | Web Design Specialist

Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS) is a division of MCCS