Enterprise Password Management

Thycotic Secret Server

Secret Server provides a secure and easy way for creating, sharing, and automatically changing enterprise passwords. Easily assign rights to users at every level and monitor password usage using full audit reports. The web application is accessible for any device and from any location.

Privileged Account Management for Dummies

If you are not yet familiar with Privileged Account Management (PAM) you can download this online booklet and understand the basics.

Cybersecurity for Dummies

Hoe bescherm je jezelf tegen cyberaanvallen en wat doe je als je aangevallen wordt? Dit online boekje legt jou stap voor stap uit hoe je ze herkent, voorkomt en beschermt.

Watch the demonstration video to find out more about Secret Server

The advantages:

  • Innovation in het Thycotic Team
  • Manage thousands of user accounts at the same time
  • Manage which applications run where
  • Easy of use and affordable
  • Quickly alerts to cyber attacks

Crucial protection for all your passwords

Easy, safe and efficient: Manage all your passwords, license codes and SSL certificates in one central location: Secret Server. This allows you to determine exactly which employee or department is authorized to view certain data ('secrets'). Through clear reports you have direct insight into who has consulted which secrets. This fully secured web-based storage location offers many more options, including active directory integration. Secret Server can be set to periodically update service accounts and passwords in different platforms (Windows / Unix / Linux / Appliances). With Secret Server you are assured of secure and accessible password and data management for your entire company!

Manage and structure

Automatically create, share and change enterprise passwords. Assign user rights at every level and follow password usage with full audit reports.

Flexible and scalable

MCCS supports large-scale environments, all major operating systems, databases, applications, hypervisors, network and security devices.

Compliant with legislation

Compliance mandates require a certain level of security for enterprise password management. MCCS helps your organization comply with AVG / GDPR legislation.

Seamless integration

Get quick and easy access with Active Directory integration and other excellent integration options.

Instantly adjustable

The robust web services and application API makes customization easy. This makes it unnecessary to spend time or money on hiring expensive consultants

Disaster Recovery

If fate strikes, it is still no reason to panic. Secret Server supports automatic database and IIS directory backups and SQL database mirroring to make real-time backups of all stored data.

No less than 62 percent of all hacks can be prevented by better controlled admin and access rights.

Why Thycotic Secret Server?

Many people write passwords on a note. Do your administrators use the same password for everything? Are all passwords stored in excel lists or single user tools? In the event of an emergency, are the passwords stored somewhere safe, updated and available until today? Is it annoying to keep coming up with new passwords for your systems and applications? Do external employees have access to your complete password lists? Do you know who has had access to the passwords? When an external party has worked in your company, do you then change the passwords? Are passwords regularly replaced?

Did you know that in an average IT environment there will soon be a thousand unique passwords? And that these should be changed regularly? Correctly performing IT work takes time and discipline. Updating and filling in the password list will be a pleasant task with Secret Server!

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