Remote Support

With remote IT support we can help you remotely,
from anywhere and at any time.

We are IT Support and are happy to help you remotely, from anywhere and at any time we can assist you in analyzing your challenge and finding a suitable solution.

With the TeamViewer Quicksupport tool we can take over your PC remotely with your permission.
This allows us to assist you while you watch.

To give us access to your PC, you must complete the following 4 steps:

1. Contact us by phone at 088 23 56 200

3. Enter your session code in this new window. We deliver these to you by telephone or via e-mail or chat

4. Perform the application download and follow the instructions on your screen or your support staff.

A secure connection is established between your PC and our network. From that moment we can take over the remote control of your PC. You can follow our actions on your screen. After our visit we close the connection and you can continue with your work.

Disclaimer regarding remote support using ISLOnline or alternatively TeamViewer software

Remote Support

By agreeing to the use of this software you give MCCS permission to watch on your screen and, if you wish, to take control of your computer. The connection can only be made with your explicit permission. The connection made is one-off at all times and can only be requested again after the session has ended. The remote support software that MCCS uses are from the companies ISLonline and TeamViewer. With this professional software MCCS guarantees that the connection made is secure and that only MCCS is watching on your computer. With the "remote support" software it is possible to send files between the 2 systems. The MCCS employee always asks permission for this.


By tools is meant the tools (software or script (s)) that are needed to solve a problem. These tools can, if necessary and in consultation with you, remain on the computer. However, MCCS is not responsible and cannot be held liable for problems that arise after using or applying these tools in-house.


MCCS respects your privacy. The Remote Support software will therefore never use the information that is necessarily obtained for other purposes than the services provided by MCCS itself without your telephone or written permission. If MCCS deems it necessary that a question or problem should be submitted to a third party, this will always be done with your written or telephone permission.


MCCS will make every effort to answer your question and / or solve the problem, in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship. All this on the basis of the current state of science. Because a computer is always subject to change, MCCS does not guarantee the solution offered.


MCCS is not liable for any damage in any form whatsoever arising or related to the use of Remote Support. MCCS is never responsible for loss of data on the customer's media, or the damage that the customer suffers as a result. MCCS assumes that you have made backup copies of your media yourself when a problem is presented. MCCS can of course assist you in this, but MCCS is never responsible for the success of making copies and the operation of copies. The limitations of liability for direct damage included in these terms and conditions do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence of MCCS or its managerial subordinates.

Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS) is a division of MCCS