4Passwords, Private Secret Server Hosting

A personal solution to your password management

4Passwords supplies a security framework to manage, share, maintain and automate Privileged Account Management. Get control on System & Web Passwords, Service accounts, SSH Keys, System Access, Auditing. Be in control of sensitive data or access to systems for any organisation.

4Passwords.com is founded in 2017 by MCCS and MCCS is a Thycotic Certified Partner sinds 2010. After many Secret Server implementations over the years, we recognised that next to providing professional services for on-premise deployments, that there is also need for hosting and a hosted edition of Secret Server.

We developed an AVG/GDPR compliant work method with a redundant datacenter design to host private editions of Secret Server.  
Every client gets their own private web instance, encrypted database and a separately stored encryption key

Seamless integration

Managed service

Priviliged account management

The solution through consultation

In order to get a fitting installation of Secret server, we must first get to know what your company revolves around. what are the needs in order to give you a custom advice that will suit your companies needs, what are you waiting for?

Implementing the solution

Our professionals can implement your selected solution, assisting your company to systematicly improve your password management

Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS)
4Passwords.com is a division of MCCS