MCCS and Mirage Coorperation

MCCS and Mirage join forces.

2020 starts as a good year for MCCS and Mirage. We are proud to announce that both parties will be working together to better serve the customers of both MCCS and Mirage and to take advantage of synergy benefits. MCCS and Mirage already had the common slogan: "Make IT Work", but now we will also share knowledge with each other. This will result in our services becoming even better.

As a result of the collaboration, we have more IT professionals, who together have more knowledge in various IT areas, with which we can offer our customers a higher degree of reliability and quality. MCCS and Mirage will both continue to focus on providing System Management, Cloud Services, Backup, Support, VoIP & Mobile, Wifi & Internet, Printers and Security.

Mirage will support MCCS in ICT Management and a dedicated Service desk. In recent years, MCCS has grown in SME System Management and in its privileged account management (PAM) security devision and we want to continue to guarantee the flexibility and reliability for our SME System Management customers through this collaboration.

With this capacity expansion, MCCS will further expand its PAM as a service services with the Secret Server solution from Thycotic Software. This is a solution that provides the ability to securely store and manage passwords and management access. This is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important for companies to prevent data leaks, for example.

What does this mean for you as a customer of MCCS?

Not much changes for you. except that you will have more MCCS colleagues working for you. For you our cooperation means that there is always someone ready to answer your questions. You can contact our support department for technical support. This will mean that during office hours we will only be more accessible to you by telephone, e-mail and via the website.

What does this mean for you as a customer of Mirage?

Everything will remain the same for Mirage's customers. Thanks to the collaboration with MCCS, Mirage has more professionals with more different expertise. This will also further guarantee the quality of our services.

Jan Dijk

Director Owner MCCS & Systems Architect

For me, understanding the challenge of the customer and realizing the right solution is the challenge.

Arjan Bredz─Ś

Director / Owner Mirage ICT Services

Meeting new people and achieving something together. That is the best thing about my job since it was founded in 1996.


We can understand that you may have questions. For support questions, the support desk can be reached on telephone number +31 (0) 88 2356 200 (option 1). For sales related questions please contact us on +31 (0) 88 2356 200 (option 3)

Managed Central Computing Systems (MCCS) is a division of MCCS